EYE LOVE IT Make Up Remover Pads

Cloth in a Box

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Cloth in a Box Eye Make Up Remover Pads

2 reusable eye makeup remover pads in the shape of a heart. Made from a soft, gentle and lint-free cloth. Just add water and you’re done.

    How to use

    Simply insert two fingers in each pad for perfect pressure control. Apply water or your favourite eye makeup remover to whisk away makeup. And don’t worry, EYE LOVE IT pads work perfectly with natural eye lashes and lash extensions.

    Product Information

    Before your first use, wash with mild detergent in warm water. After each usage, hand wash EYE LOVE IT with natural soap and warm water. After consecutive uses, machine wash in the provided mesh laundry bag and tumble dry low only. Do not use chlorine, bleach detergent or fabric softener. Replace after three (3) months.

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