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  • Kristen (Calgary, AB)

    Boutique Love Attack carries the best range of eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic products.
    From brands I already loved and couldn’t live without, like K’Pure and Ativo, to Zoë’s own growing line of Love Attack products it’s now my one stop shop!
    The konjac sponges & reusable rounds are absolute must haves (and affordable!!).
    This shop makes being more eco-conscious & shopping sustainably super easy, as everything has been chosen carefully, and vetted by the owner herself!

  • Allison (Delta, BC)

    During my journey to find eco-friendly products and swaps, I came across Zoë’s business on Instagram. I feel overjoyed to know there are so many easy swaps that can be done to help the environment! I have tried a variety of products from Love Attack, but my favourite so far are the Love Attack brand products. The reusable cotton rounds are amazing and I use them daily. The eye makeup remover is a lifesaver! Not only to remove eye makeup, but also I tried it on a rash I had on my neck and it started to disappear within days of use. Highly recommend Zoë for advocating for eco-friendly products and providing excellent customer service

  • Emily (Markham, ON)

    Love Attack is a great online boutique to buy basic sustainable products. I was really impressed by how simple the site was, and how seamless the checkout process is. I changed over from disposable menstrual pads to reusable, washable pads, and have loved the result. With that purchase, I was also able to grab some other basics that aren’t easy to find in my area. There’s tons of items to choose from, as well as different brands, which makes it easy to get everything in one go!

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