Customer Testimonials

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What customers are saying...

"Boutique Love Attack carries the best range of eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic products.
From brands I already loved and couldn’t live without, like K’Pure and Ativo, to Zoë’s own growing line of Love Attack products it’s now my one stop shop!
The konjac sponges & reusable rounds are absolute must haves (and affordable!!).
This shop makes being more eco-conscious & shopping sustainably super easy, as everything has been chosen carefully, and vetted by the owner herself!"

- Kristen M (Calgary, AB)

"I am always on the hunt for clean and sustainable products and found Boutique Love Attack on Instagram. Zoe has an amazing, curated collection of products and also carries unique brands as well as local favourites like K’pure and Routine.
I purchased the Black Rounds, Naked Swab and Routine deodorant and love that these products can replace single use rounds and swabs.
Not only does Zoe stock great products, her customer service was amazing as well - she answered all my questions quickly and my order was delivered so fast!"

- Rachel L (Langley, BC)

"During my journey to find eco-friendly products and swaps, I came across Zoë’s business on Instagram. I feel overjoyed to know there are so many easy swaps that can be done to help the environment! I have tried a variety of products from Love Attack, but my favourite so far are the Love Attack brand products. The reusable cotton rounds are amazing and I use them daily. The eye makeup remover is a lifesaver! Not only to remove eye makeup, but also I tried it on a rash I had on my neck and it started to disappear within days of use. Highly recommend Zoë for advocating for eco-friendly products and providing excellent customer service."

- Allison M (Delta, BC)

"I’m so happy I stumbled upon Zoë’s cruelty-free + all natural online boutique! She has so many great options for eco-conscious consumers. I ordered her reusable cotton rounds and the Make Nice Co. charcoal dish soap with scrubber. I am so beyond happy with my purchase, it came so quick and the products are amazing! The reusable cotton pads are incredibly soft and they come with a laundry bag to keep them lint free, which I really appreciate. They’re also a great price, most organic reusable cotton pads I’ve seen are often $20 if not more. The dish soap works wonders too, I knew I could use it on the easier dishes but it also works great on those tough messes as well. Zoë makes it affordable to be eco-friendly, I’m so happy with my purchase and I’ll definitely be going back for more!"

-Chelsea L (Surrey, BC)

"I absolutely love Zoë’s online clean-living boutique. I recently got myself some of the black reusable cotton rounds & I am obsessed with them. They are so soft & I think it’s amazing she provides a bag for them which you can use for travel or for when you toss them in the wash. I have been trying to focus on reducing my waste & switching over to reusable cotton rounds is such an easy swap! Not only is this product amazing and eco friendly, but Zoe the owner, is an absolute gem! Her customer service is superb!" 

-Areal T (Vancouver, BC) 


"If you're looking for natural eco-friendly beauty, skin and body care, definitely check out Boutique Love Attack. Zoë is amazing and her products are *chef's kiss* . Her super soft cotton reusable rounds that have drastically reduced my use of the disposable ones. I used to go through multiple a day! " 

- Jessica C, (Burlington, ON)

"I am super thrilled with the products I ordered. The reusable swab is so great- love the colour selections as well! I am enjoying the toothbrush also... it was my first time using a eco-friendly one and I was quite pleased. It’s really nice to be using these products and knowing that it’s a small step to help our planet! 

Oh and the toner is amazing! I’ve noticed a big difference in the amount of redness on my face... it’s much less and my skin feels soothed with the rose water! 

Over all I love your website and I actually ordered after stumbling onto your instagram account (which is fabulous by the way!). My order was delivered much faster than I was originally quoted also- which is such a nice bonus! I really appreciated the personal details with the note as well- you’re doing it all, and it is appreciated"  

- Grace R, (Burnaby, BC)

"Love Attack is a great online boutique to buy basic sustainable products. I was really impressed by how simple the site was, and how seamless the checkout process is. I changed over from disposable menstrual pads to reusable, washable pads, and have loved the result. With that purchase, I was also able to grab some other basics that aren’t easy to find in my area. There’s tons of items to choose from, as well as different brands, which makes it easy to get everything in one go!" 

- Emily H (Markham, ON) 

"I emailed about a product before purchasing and Zoe was such a pleasure! I was quite impressed with her quick response (within minutes) and once I placed my order she went out of her way to ensure I received it. Thank you, Zoe! Great customer service goes a long way and I wish you success with your business! 

-Sophia (Vancouver, BC)

"I just wanted to thank you for such an easy/simple purchase transaction! Your prices are certainly reasonable, and I received my items in record time, especially since the notice on your website said that you were going on vacation the following day. I love your down to earth and quality products and look forward to shopping with you more! "

-A Hodge (Kamloops,BC)

“Hi Zoe- Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the service of your “small business” .As a person who enjoys good customer service you excelled, from the prompt response to my query regarding the size of the product, to the efficient and speedy shipping with tracking details right up to delivery in my mail box. 
Thank you, and I wish you continued success with your business. Oh and handwritten note nice touch too :)”

 -Shona Sutherland (Coleman,AB)

"Thank you so much Zoë for your amazing service. Shipping was super-fast, i received my order 3 days before the estimated date. Also, your little note is really appreciated. I will definitely be ordering from you again!"️

 -Frédérique V, (Gatineau, Quebec) 

"Thanks, Zoe, for your lovely little note! Super-fast shipping, and very happy with my order!" 

-Brooke Doyle (Cumberland, BC)

"It’s one thing to offer great products and great prices, but when you find that gem that has all that AND amazing customer service, well that’s a huge win all around!  We all know anti-perspirant is awful for our health, but I have been using it my whole life because, first of all that’s all I knew, and second I was too scared to smell bad. I tried the ‘Get Closer’ all natural deodorant and it is seriously life changing!!! It has a great feeling when it’s on and I have zero B-O, even after a workout! YAY!" 

-Samantha Noory (Laval, QC)

"Love Attack carries awesome products they are also unique and make for great gifts! Zoe the owner is a class act - there was a mix up with my package at the post office and when I notified her, she not only replied right even though she was on vacation but upon her return she hand delivered my items personally, included a beautiful note and some other goodies I didn’t order but she had wanted me to try! I think Love Attack is a great local business and I’m looking forward to my next order! 

-Sara Miller (Montreal, QC)

“A very fast, prompt and efficient service from Love Attack. From a personalized, hand written “thank you” note from the owner to a follow up email, asking for feedback. When I responded, I mentioned that I was very happy with the service, although the product had “suffered” slightly in transit due to the harsh Canadian Winter. Zoe took care of the issue immediately and send out a second (quadruple wrapped) product. Now “that’s” what I call service. We will certainly be using Love Attack again and recommending to family and friends. Great products, great service, Great Job!" 

-Nik W (Oro-Medonte, ON) 

"The owner of Love Attack offers incredible products as well as providing her clients with the best customer service. She takes the time in choosing all natural products that she loves and that the customers will love as well. Love Attack is a reliable business that I will definitely continue to shop from again and again. I am thankful to have come across this amazing and unique company!"

 -Lana Bober (Montreal, QC) 

" I ordered a few items from Love Attack.  Zoë, the owner was on vacation at that time, but even on vacation she emailed me a status and was just simply amazing and sweet! Now that is customer service!!!! The products she carries are amazing and unique - what a great local business that I am so happy to support! Looking forward to ordering from you again!"

-Marisa Quinnett (Kirkland, QC)

"I received nothing but 5 star service! They shipped quickly, responded to my inquiries in minutes and I can't wait to try the product. I highly recommend ordering from them”

 -Megan Lopez (Montreal, QC)

“I especially appreciated the personal note packed with the bottle; it definitely reflects how involved you are in your business. Amazing work, I will definitely be ordering again once I run out! Thank you for your amazing service.”

 -Alessia Sisilian (Kirkland, QC)       

"Delivery was fast, one day. This lotion smells delicious. I also emailed some questions and Love Attack was quick and helpful in replying! I love their other unique products! Thanks Boutique Love Attack!"

 -Jessica Ambro (Montreal, QC)