Welcome to Love Attack

Our Founder, Zoë, embarked on an incredible journey when she moved from Ireland to Canada in 2013. After residing in various cities across Canada, she found her home in beautiful Chilliwack, BC which she currently operates her small business from.

Boutique Love Attack began in 2017 as an online boutique with a vision to showcase and support female-owned and operated Canadian small brands. Zoë's passion for empowering local female entrepreneurs and promoting sustainable practices was evident right from the start.

In 2021, Boutique Love Attack underwent a rebranding transformation. Building on the foundation of supporting Canadian brands, Zoë launched her own eco-focused lifestyle brand, which became Love Attack. The Love Attack brand now offers a diverse range of products from handmade Vegan skincare, reusable beauty tools, eco-friendly hair accessories, and more. 

With Zoë's determination, dedication and a ever-growing small biz hustle mentality, Love Attack products have garnered immense popularity, leading to their presence in 100+ retailers across Canada, the USA, and Europe. 

In addition to Love Attack, Zoë's entrepreneurial spirit led her to launch her eco-focused pet lifestyle brand Monty's Bags in 2021. This second e-commerce brand complements Love Attack's mission and offers unique eco focused pet products.

Zoë's story as a solopreneur is inspiring, as she single-handedly manages all aspects of our business. From sourcing sustainable products and packaging materials to crafting engaging social media content, she invests her heart and soul into Love Attack. Her dedication to transparency and authenticity shines through as she documents her small business journey on social media, inviting her community to be a part of the Love Attack family.

At Love Attack, we believe that making ethical and eco-friendly choices shouldn't compromise quality or style. Each product is thoughtfully designed and responsibly sourced, ensuring that you can enjoy them guilt-free. 

We hope you fall in LOVE with Love Attack!

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