Mocha Mix with Chaga + Cacao

Four Sigmatic

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Four Sigmatic Mocha Mix with Chaga + Cacao

Far from a sugar-loaded coffee shop drink, this mocha has only the best superfoods, like cacao and chaga mushrooms. Sip instead of your half-asleep morning pour over, or kiss that 3PM slump goodbye.

How to enjoy

  • Ready to drink with hot water


Organic instant coffee powder, organic cacao powder, organic coconut palm sugar, organic chaga extract ~, reb a (organic stevia leaf extract).

Product Information

  • 10 Servings per box
  • Can only ship this product within Canada
  • USDA organic, vegan and certified paleo
  • Made with 100% organic Arabica coffee.
  • Includes criollo variety cacao, grown in the foothills of the Andes and arguably the best-tasting and highest quality cacao out there.
  • Boasting 500mg organic dual-extracted chaga per serving.

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