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Matcha Tea Set
Matcha Tea Set
My Matcha Life

Matcha Tea Set

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This authentic Japanese Matcha Tea Set comes complete with a traditional matcha mixing bowl, an authentic handmade matcha bamboo whisk, a ceramic whisk holder. This is a must-have combo for every matcha tea drinker. It also makes a very nice gift. 

Traditional Matcha Bowl

An integral part of your matcha making experience. Made in Japan from lead-free ceramics our authentic durable shiny black bowls are narrow enough to retain heat yet wide enough for vigorous whisking.

Matcha Whisk

Made from a single piece of bamboo delicately sliced by hand into 80 thin fronds. Whisking aerates your matcha tea, much like decanting wine, mellowing bitter tannins for a better, smoother tasting matcha.

Matcha Whisk Holder

Provides a sturdy base for the umbrella shaped portion of your bamboo whisk, thus helping preserve both its shape and lifespan. The holder is made from lead-free ceramics and comes in light green only.

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