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Bfree Cup

Bfree Cup | Antibacterial Menstrual Cup

Bfree Cup | Antibacterial Menstrual Cup

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The Bfree Cup is the only antibacterial menstrual cup made of 100% medical grade silicone. With no added chemicals, or toxins, the entire surface of the Bfree Cup is physically antibacterial. Nothing harmful going into your body. Just comfortable, convenient period protection. Better for you, and better for our planet! The Bfree Cup sits inside your vagina, collecting your period blood during your menstrual cycle. When your cup is full—remembering to wash your hands first— simply empty, rinse, and reinsert. Bfree Cup antibacterial technology means your cup doesn’t need to be boiled in between cycles. When you are ready to put your cup away (yay!), just rinse and wipe it clean.

Features + Benefits

  • Safe to wear up to 12 hours
  • Holds as much as 2-3 tampons
  • Unique, nature inspired petal above the rim for added leak protection
  • No tiny holes to clean
  • Free of chemicals
  • Lasts up to 10 years=2500 tampons that don’t end up in the landfill
  • Includes your Bfree Cup, a biodegradable bag and reusable tin.


  • Size 1 (15ml)- Teen/Adult - Small frame, low cervix, light flow
  • Size 2 (25ml) - Adult -Mid to high cervix, heavier flow
  • Size 3 (30ml) - Adult - Mid to high cervix, heavier flow

How to use - Insertion

  1. Wash your hands before and after inserting your cup. This is the absolute, most important step when using any menstrual cup. No matter how clean your bfree cup, if you have any harmful bacteria or toxins on your hands, there is the risk of contracting an infection through any cuts, scrapes or surgical wounds.
  2. There are many ways to fold a menstrual cup. We recommend the punch down method for the bfree cup. It is the best fold for counter acting the opening forces of the cup. Those forces ensure your cup opens uniformly every time it's inserted, but released too early and out of position, can sting. Most important is finding a comfortable fold that makes it as easy as possible to insert your cup.
  3. For the punch down method, press on the rim of the cup with your index finger, and gently squeeze both sides to keep the cup folded – it will look kind of like a tulip! The idea is to make the cup as small as possible. From the Zero sized bfree cup, to the Three, all of our cups are designed to be comfortably inserted.  Try to get really good at holding the cup punched down with one hand, this will help you ensure you don’t release the fold early and pop open out of position.
  4. Relax and get comfortable. You’ll get the hang of this before you know it. We know it’s sort of an oxymoron to try and relax, but the more relaxed your pelvic muscles are, the easier it will be to guide the cup into its perfect position. 
  5. Find your preferred position: whether it is standing, squatting, or sitting. One leg up, or both, whatever works is absolutely fine. Open your legs, separate your labia (inner and outer lips) and slowly insert your folded cup into your vagina. You can get the cup a little wet first to help with lubrication, but avoid actual, silicone-based lube (water-based is fine). When you let go, the bfree cup will pop open, so make sure you keep squeezing your punch down fold until the cup is in position!

How to use - Removal

  • Just like when inserting, washing your hands is the most important step before removing your bfree cup. 
  • Find that perfect, stable position again – whether sitting over your toilet, squatting in shower or standing in the bathroom. From there, prepare to remove your cup.
  • Break the seal by pinching the base of the cup with your index finger and thumb. DO NOT pull on the stem without breaking the seal. If the seal is not broken, and you pull on your cup by the stem, it will put an uncomfortable level of pressure on your cervix. Instead, pull the cup out while pinching that base. The stem will help you find the base of the cup, and keep your fingers anchored in place, but actual removal is done with the grips on the base itself.

For full product guide and videos, click here

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