Reusable Organic Cotton Facial Rounds

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Reusable facial rounds made from 100% organic cotton! These soft, 3-ply cotton rounds are the perfect replacement for single-use cotton pads. Each pad is extremely soft, and with an extra layer of cotton, extremely durable.  Each set comes with a set of ten 3" diameter pads and one drawstring cotton wash bag.

How to use

Use these organic rounds daily throughout your skincare routine to apply or remove skincare and make up products. Once used, simply throw into the wash bag and toss them into your machine. Make sure you wash all your pads before first use.


100% Organic Cotton

More Details
  • Machine wash before first use
  • Comes with set of ten 3" diameter pads and one drawstring wash bag (6"x7"
  • Air-dry pads after machine washing to maintain shape
  • Do not use heavily coloured skincare and make up products as the cotton will stain 
  • Wash on medium cycle
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