Why Switch to Reusable Feminine Hygiene Products?

Did you know that the vagina is the most permeable part of the female body? Disposable menstrual pads and liners contain a wide range of chemicals, neurotoxins, irritants, carcinogens and pesticides such as Chloromethane, Styrene, Acetone, Chloroform and Chloroethane. 

 These names might not scare you right off the bat, but what if I phrased it like this? Acetone is what you use to take your nail polish off. Chloroethane is used to make styrofoam. Styrene is used to create rubber. Chloromethane is used in the petroleum industry for refinement. Scared yet? I know I was.

 These dangerous components which make up disposable pads and liners have been linked to reproduction harm, Toxic Shock Syndrome, Cancer and have been known to cause hormone disruptions. The face that each month women are exposing the most intimate and permeable part of their body these harmful chemicals is so scary.

  It has also been proven that most pads and tampons are not actually made from cotton but rather synthetic materials like rayon and polymers. These materials are bleached with chlorine to give them that bright white effect. The bleaches used can cause endocrine disruption as well as allergies and potential reproductive toxicity. 

Why Organic Cotton?

When buying menstrual products, you should always be looking for those made from organic cotton instead of traditionally grown cotton if shopping for disposable products. Organic cotton is grown using non GMO seeds and without the use of harmful fungicides and insecticides. It is grown in soil which contains no synthetic fertilizers and the leaves are removed by freeze drying instead of by toxic chemicals.

What are the alternatives?

Natracare here in Canada make disposable tampons, pads and liners which are made from 100% organic cotton and are a great alternative to unregulated feminine hygiene products.

 Reusable Period Cups such as Diva Cup  are another great alternative to disposable products and they contain no plastics, chemicals or toxins. They are reusable time and time again and although the upfront cost is a little higher than the disposable variety, you will have this paid paid back within a few months as the reusable cups last for 12 months!

 Reusable Pads and Liners from Canada's own Smartliners are my personal choice when it comes to alternatives for menstrual pads and liners. They have a range of thong and regular size daily liners in black or white which are made from 100% organic cotton and can be thrown in your regular washing and reused hundreds of times. They also make washable period pads for regular, heavy flows and a pad which is amazing for overnight use.

 Check out the range of reusable pads and liners from Smartliners below, available for sale now Boutique Love Attack.



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