Hair Care I Just HAD to Share

Last Summer, after nearly 2 years of dealing with a mystery rash on my face which was misdiagnosed time and time again I FINALLY got my answer as to what was going on with my skin. Contact allergy dermatitis. And what was causing it? Basically everything I was putting on my body, in my hair, washing my clothes with and all the products I was using to clean my house with. But that, is a story for another day. 

 Two of the five main ingredients that I am allergic to are found in basically every single drug store and salon hair care product. I'm not joking, literally they are in EVERYTHING. I honestly was so deflated but was relieved that I finally had the answer to what was going on.

 The first thing I just had to switch, was my hair care routine. The ingredients in the products I was using were a BIG red flag. I needed clean, green, vegan, cruelty free, sulfate free, paraben free, synthetic free, fragrance free. I realized that synthetic fragrances, perfumes and harmful chemicals were found in nearly every single hair care product out there. It all had to go, and I needed to find compliant alternatives ASAP.

 So I did some digging, I took my deflated self to Google and searched for all natural, cruelty free and vegan hair care companies in Canada and I was SO relieved, because I managed to discover so many awesome brands who could give me, and so many others who have severe product allergies, exactly what we needed.

 I know i'm not alone in my skin issues and I know that so many of my customers suffer with issues and are looking for cleaner, greener alternatives to their most used items around the house and in their personal care routines. I knew I had to get these products listed on my store so that they were accessible to people who needed them. And the best part? All the products I decided to partner with are not only some of the cleanest on the market but they are also all waste-free and eco-conscious brands which means less plastic in the bathroom...a double-win!

Woman in shower using shampoo and conditioner bars which are all natural and available now Boutique Love Attack

"Shampoo bars just won't clean my hair..."

I know. I was skeptical to. If there is one thing about sulfate free hair products in particular is that THEY. DON'T. LATHER. It drives me nuts. I am someone who has extremely thick hair and if it doesn't lather, I feel like my hair just isn't clean. With previous sulfate free shampoos I had used in the past, I felt like my hair just was not getting the clean it needed and most of the time I had to hop right back in and wash it again.

 This was the first thing that I was shocked to discover. The all natural shampoo bars actually LATHER. And I mean really lather!

 The first brand which I launched with for all natural shampoo bars was Upfront Cosmetics. These shampoo and conditioner bars are all natural, cruelty free, vegan and free from ALL of the nasties. They smell incredible, lather beautiful and what I love most about them is that the brand really takes into consideration what kind of hair you have, what hair concern you have and if your hair is chemically treated. They even have a Purple Toner Shampoo Bar for blonde hair. My personal favourite and the one I use the most often is the Nourishing Shampoo Bar for Dry hair but their Soothing Shampoo Bar for sensitive scalps is also divine.

Boutique Love Attack Upfront Cosmetics Shampoo Bars. Woman cleaning her hair in the shower with shampoo bar for blonde hair. All natural, cruelty free and vegan shampoo bars from Upfront Cosmetics make a great natural alternative to regular store brought shampoo


"Surely a Conditioner Bar dries out hair?'

I have thick hair. And I mean THICK. I was beyond stoked when I was approached by all natural Canadian brand Jack 59 who make AMAZING smelling shampoo and conditioner bars. Their Citrus Shine Conditioner Bar for thick hair leaves my dry, course hair smooth, shiny and most importantly hydrated. The scents in their product line are phenomenal and the smell lingers on your hair after you are done in the shower. Divine.

 For a more subtle scent, but just as much hydration, the Sōmi Orange Conditioner Bar is also a great option. 

Picture shows a stack of 3 all natural, cruelty free and vegan conditioner bars from Canadian brand Somi.

"Literally EVERY hair treatment has some form of nasty ingredient..."

I recently started stocking Geti Cosmetics and I was SO excited to see that they have a hair serum that contains NO harmful ingredients. The base is made from Avocado Oil which is so hydrating for both your hair and scalp and also Evening Primrose Oil which is proven to stimulate hair growth. The beautiful addition of organic essential oils gives hair an amazing smell and shine.

Hand holding all natural hair serum from Geti Cosmetics which is now available to purchase online through Boutique Love Attack

All hope is not lost...

If like me, you suffer with contact allergy dermatitis or any skin condition or allergy, I feel you. It can feel like you literally are allergic to the world sometimes. But the good news is there is products available for you. I wanted to make all natural, cruelty free and allergy free products available to everyone and my whole online store is created around making it easier for you to find these products and to not get overwhelmed trying to find a solution that works for you. 

As always, let me know if you have any questions of need any further information and I would be more than happy to steer you in the right direction when it comes to hair care or any other category.

Happy Shopping!