Cotton Swabs Are Not Sexy...

Let's face it, cotton swabs aren't the sexiest product to come out with, but my oh my, am I so glad that I launched this eco-friendly and sustainable swab swap.

 When brainstorming a new product, I like to take a look at my own personal body and skincare routines. What products am I reaching for the most often? What am I using that is wasteful? How can I do better to reduce waste? I then jot these products all down and get to work sourcing the best eco-friendly solutions.

These biodegradable swabs, are the end result in one of these product idea brain dumps.

Why choose this zero-waste alternative?

Traditional cotton buds are used for 5-10 seconds on average for each use. That is very little use time considering that plastic can take over 450 years to decompose. WHOOPS. Does anyone else feel bad now for using single use plastic cotton buds for decades? 

 Sometimes fully giving up using a product because it just sucks for the environment is simply not an option. I think it is important to offer a more sustainable and zero waste solution which customers can choose from. It is all about taking a step in the right direction and making more thoughtful and conscious choices.

Although my own brand of Organic Biodegradable Bamboo Cotton Buds are still single use, each swab is made from organic cotton and bamboo which are 100% natural plant fibres. This means that these swabs can can be placed in compost bin and will only take on average 1-5 months to decompose in a landfill. They have the added bonus of being packaged in recyclable paper boxes instead of plastic packaging so they are 100% waste-free!

Cotton swabs are not just for cleaning your ears...

 I think most people just use single-use plastic cotton swabs for one thing, to clean their ears. Not the most glamorous application; it's just the reality. But there are SO MANY other applications for choosing a more eco-friendly swab.

 From touching up, applying or removing make up, removing nail polish mishaps, arts and crafts, cleansing babies, cleaning doggy wrinkles, cleaning electronics, removing brow or lash tint...there are so many ways you can use these little natural beauties!

 I use swabs to clean my ears OBVZ but also whenever I paint my nails to remove any mistakes, to clean up my hair line when I dye my roots each month and to remove brow tint from my skin to prevent staining. I also use them to clean Monty's eyes, wrinkles and ears whenever he needs a little TLC.

 I have noticed a huge reduction in the waste that I am producing just from this one simple swap alone.



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