3 Ways I Love to Use My Reusable Facial Rounds

My skincare routine has really simplified over the years but one thing that has remained consistent is my need for a quality product to remove excess skincare products and make up from my skin. Since launching my reusable facial rounds last year, my days of purchasing single use and disposable cotton rounds and balls are OVER.  There is no step in my daily or weekly beauty routine that requires me to purchase single use cotton rounds anymore and I am so thankful for that.


 They say the average woman goes through over 1,000 single use make up wipes, rounds or pads a year and I would say I definitely used to fall into that statistic. I would use them to remove unwanted make up throughout the day that had shifted or transferred (mascara vs. my eye lids is a daily struggle), to remove nail polish, to apply cream cleansers, to apply toner, to remove face masks and spot treatments, to clean excess product off my make up packaging…. I could go on and on. Since I switched to my reusable facial rounds, I have not purchased face wipes, cotton rounds or cotton balls in over a year… MAJOR win.


 Here are my top 3 picks of how I LOVE to use my reusable facial rounds.


To Remove Eye and Face Make Up


Reusable facial rounds are the perfect product for applying cream or oil-based cleansers. They work so well at removing excess product as well as all the broken-down face and eye make-up products from the skin. Each round is made from 3-layers of organic cotton making them not only super soft to use on delicate areas like eyes, but also really durable so they can take on whatever product you throw at them.


 I use my black reusable rounds daily along with my own Vegan oil based all-natural eye make-up remover and cleansing oil. To apply the remover to my skin, I simply wet my fingers and dispenser 1-2 pumps of the oil onto my fingers. I rub together to emulsify the product and gently apply it in circular motions on my face, concentrating most of my attention on my eye and brow area. This oil-based cleanser works great at gently and effectively breaking down eye make-up and brow products but it also works amazing at loosening face make-up products like foundations and powders. To remove the excess product and make up from my skin, I dampen one of my black reusable facial rounds with some warm water and gently wipe everything away. Depending on how much make-up I had on that day I will use one, at most two reusable facial rounds.


To Apply Toner


The white reusable rounds are the perfect solution for applying your morning and evening toner

 How I apply my toner is I simply dispense the toner directly onto the reusable cotton round. I always make sure my round is damp, but not drenched in product; a little goes a long way with a good quality toner! I go on to sweep the round across my face, paying particular attention to my t-zone, and then go down my neck and across my décolletage. I always apply my toner after I cleanse and before I apply my moisturizer and/or skin serum.


To Remove Face Masks


Most Sundays, I like to treat myself with a little face mask. Some of my favourites I rotate between are… Geti Cosmetics Lavender Fields Soothing Mask, the Skin Essence Organics Nurture Mask or the Ativo Skincare Glacial Gel Mask. Where the reusable cotton round comes in helpful is removing product from the face and neck. Up until I launched my black set of reusable facial rounds I would use the original white set. And I am not going to lie, things could get MESSY. Especially when you’re using darker products. The black set is so good for removing darker face masks and skin treatments because the organic cotton does not stain. It’s a major game-changer being able to keep my white rounds white and my black rounds black.


 To remove face masks and skin treatments, I like to wet my reusable round with warm water and gently sweep across my face to remove the product. The rounds are so soft and durable that I don’t need to worry about them ripping or breaking apart like I used to with disposable options. Usually, again depending on how much product needs to be removed, I will use 2-3 rounds to remove a full-face mask from the skin.


Share how you use your Reusable Facial Rounds with me in the comments below!